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Our Favorite Recipes for a Bread Machine

Ways To Search For Bread Machine Recipes

One of the easiest ways to find the best bread machine recipes is to look online. You can find everything from recipes for holidays to those that can be used to make breads for a family breakfast. When you use a bread machine, you have to keep in mind that there is a paddle that will knead the dough before it’s baked. This is what makes the machine ideal for any kitchen, especially if you want a hearty loaf of bread. Finally, if your bread machine is getting a little old and/or you are looking for an upgrade, make sure to check out some bread machine reviews to help you pick the right one. Anyways, let’s move on onto the recipes.

Sourdough Pizza Crust

This is a recipe that is ideal for those who enjoy making their own pizza crust. You can often adjust the setting of the machine to make the crust as dark or light as you want. The sourdough is a recipe that can offer a bit of a unique note, but with the right toppings, the crust is one that is light and full of flavor. You’ll want to use a sourdough starter and unbleached flour with this recipe to get the best results.

Rye Bread

Instead of the plain white bread for sandwiches, you can make rye bread that has a little more texture and substance. With lukewarm water, pickle juice, sugar and salt added to the dough, you’ll have a loaf of bread that has just the right crunch for sandwiches that are piled high with meats that include pastrami or corned beef. An added benefit of a rye bread is that it doesn’t crumble as much as other varieties.

Lemon Sugar Cookie Buns

These are light and airy cookies that are similar to a cinnamon bun. Each one has its own shape as they are baked to a delicious texture with the ultimate lemon flavor. The cookie starts with a vanilla yeast dough. Three tablespoons of soft butter will give the delectable consistency and flavor that the cookies are known for having. You’ll also use about two tablespoons of milk and two tablespoons of lemon juice or zest. When the cookies are done baking, you can add sugar on top of each one for a shimmering treat.

Peach Cobbler

This isn’t the typical cobbler that you might think about making in an oven. You’ll program your machine to bake for about 70 minutes. Prepare a peach cobbler filling for the bread. The cobbler is made with a traditional biscuit dough that will include the peach filling before it’s baked. Once the bread and filling are baked, remove it from the machine to top with powdered sugar or other treats that you would normally enjoy with a cobbler.

Red Hot Cinnamon Bread

Although the bread is hot when it comes out of the machine, this bread includes a spicy treat. When you prepare the bread dough, you’ll add red cinnamon candies. These will melt as the bread bakes, giving a beautiful swirl to the bread and a kick that will leave a fun feeling in the mouth.

Also, check out this video of a great rustic scone recipe:

Four Alternative Treatment Options for Epilepsy

Patients can treat epilepsy with antiseizure medications. However, these drugs do not necessarily work for everyone and come with many side effects to the patient. Some people who have epilepsy often turn to alternative therapies and natural treatments to help relieve epilepsy symptoms. Some of them are herbs, biofeedback, vitamins, and acupuncture.


People should note that although some of these treatments are backed by modest research, many of them are not. There is far less evidence supporting these alternative treatments compared to conventional medicine. If you are willing to add any treatment to your epilepsy treatment program, it is important to consult your doctor first. He or she can help you access the benefits and risks that come with the treatment.


Below are some of the alternative treatments


  1. Herbal treatments & CBD


The herbal remedies market is on the rise nowadays. When you search on the internet, there seems to be a herb for every ailment. The common herbs used for epilepsy are hydrocoele groundsel, lily of the valley, valerian, mistletoe, tree of heaven, Peony, scullcap, and mugwort. You should, however, note that there is no full scientific evidence of using these herbs. Most evidence is anecdotal.

Also CBD! CBD is the non psychoactive ingredient in cannabis / marijuana. There are a lot of studies and anecdotal reports on how CBD can help with neurological disorders, like epilepsy. The scientific field has no conclusive result on the efficacy of CBD on epilepsy yet – but the evidence suggests a positive correlation. To find out more, you should check out the ProjectCBD website for recent study results, success stories, or simply talk to your doctor about cbd capsules or cbd oil.



Some vitamins help cure seizures caused by epilepsy. However, these vitamins do not work alone. You should consult your doctor before taking any vitamin supplements to ensure you are not overdosing.


  • Vitamin B-6 – it is used to treat a form of epilepsy known as pyridoxine-dependent seizures, which develops in the womb or after birth. It occurs when the body cannot metabolize vitamin B-6 well.


  • Magnesium – studies done recently show that magnesium can reduce seizures caused by epilepsy.


  • Vitamin E – people with epilepsy may also be suffering from vitamin E deficiency. Research has shown that vitamin E increases antioxidant abilities and reduces seizures. The Same study showed it is safe to take vitamin E with other treatments.


  1. Dietary changes


Changing what you eat can help to reduce epilepsy symptoms and seizures. One of the most famous is the ketogenic diet that focuses on adding more fats in your diet. The food is considered a low protein, low carb diet. Although doctors have not established why it helps reduce seizures, this diet has worked for many patients. It is suitable for children and can be used to complement other treatment methods.


  1. Self-control


Some individuals who have epilepsy try to control their mind to reduce the number of seizures. However, this is just a theory. If you detect an impending seizure, you might be able to stop it using your brain.Many people are known to experience some signs 20 minutes before the seizure occurs. They include blurry vision, unusual smell, and strange lights. Other symptoms are depression, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue. Using self-control methods will help decrease the intensity of the seizure when it comes. The technique is to focus and maintain good concentration.


In conclusion, the above are not just the only alternative treatment options for epilepsy. Proper research will help discover more options.

The Finest Ear Plugs For Gun Ranges

Ear plugs that are to be used on gun ranges are quite helpful for everyone who enjoys shooting. They will give the user every opportunity to fire without feeling the strain of the gunshot in their ears, and this article explains how a shooter may choose a pair of earplugs that are good for them – so what do you have to look out for when shopping around for the best shooting ear protection? Let’s find out, shall we?


#1: The Plugs Must Fit The Ear


Ear plugs must feel as though they fit the ear, and they must work into the ear easily on every shooting session. There are quite a few people who cannot fit their ear plugs because they did not purchase the right style, and there are many you may choose from when you are shopping online. The finest of ear plugs are sized for your ear, and you will quite enjoy using them because you will forget that they are in your ear.


#2: The Plugs Are Inexpensive


The plugs are inexpensive, and you will find it simple to purchase in-bulk. The bulk purchase that you make follow you around, and you may carry them in a small container that they may be picked from. You will purchase many pair, and you will find them easy to use or share.


#3: The Plugs As Their Own Set


The plugs must be their own set that are tied together, and you may wear them around your neck when you are not shooting. They are quite easy to use, and they will not be lost. The simplest of ear plugs are those that you may hold onto, and you will not lose them in your gear bag. The ear plugs that you use must give you the quietest experience, and they will fit into your ear when you are shooting. The plugs that you are using must remain steady as you may need to move around when you are shooting. They are especially-useful when you are moving during a shooting exercise or perhaps playing a game of paintball.


#4: Choosing From The Online Selection


The online selection that is found will come in in many different prices and sizes. Each one of them will be easier to purchase, and there are several different ways that someone may wear their earplugs. The plugs are easier to buy because they come from an online store, and they will be shipped quickly after an online purchase. The simplest purchases are made with a few clicks online, and the customer will have the items show up at the house after a few days.


Saving money and purchasing online will help shooters when they are going to their practice sessions, and someone who is searching for the best practice gear will find it simple to make an online purchase. The online purchase takes a few moments to do, and there are many different ways to make the purchases, and they may come in many different colors and styles. The colors and styles that are chosen will help the shooter go through each practice session without incident.

Make your party a blast and hire a photo booth

Photo boots are becoming increasing popular at all types of events. Here’s why your party needs a photo booth.

Photo booth rentals turn guests of all ages into silly kids. People love watching friends and family let loose and make memories. Planning a party for your employees or customers? A photo booth will surprise and delight your guests. No need for a selfie stick at your party when you have the photo booth.

Renting a photo booth has become a trend as it adds a unique class to your event – check out Elegant Hire for prices. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, bar mitzvah, or anniversary a photo booth rental will certainly bring fun and smiles to your party.

Photo Booths Are Fun

When your event has a photo booth, an easy, interactive attraction is ready for your guests when they have just a moment for some fun or want to make a run at setting a record with unlimited sessions. A photo booth can be enjoyed by people of both children and adults, which means everyone at your party can get in on the fun.

Photo Booths Are A Conversation Starter

As an entertainment option or as a main attraction, a photo booth is always a simple conversation starter. Photo booths often become the center piece of a party or event and will keep attendees busy, engaged, and certainly raving about how much fun they had at your event or party long after it’s over. Many of your guests may not know each other, but having a photo booth will act as a conversation starter.

Make It Personal

Guests are able to customize the photos to provide your event with a personal touch. A photo booth offers many prop variety for your guests to pose with. Your guests get instant gratification as they get a picture print out immediately. You can add posters to the outside of the booth, add a background inside the booth, and add pictures, logos or wording to the border of the photos.

You can surely provide your own props and costumes if that is what you prefer to do, especially if they’re appropriate for the event theme. Props and costumes that are usually supplied with the booth rental include items such as glasses, masks, wigs, hats, necklaces, plastic weapons, and much more.

Guests Have Something To Remember

Your guests go home with an awesome picture to remember your event by. Photo booths capture and print memories of an event. Your guests will have a souvenir that they will most certainly want to share with others on social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. The pictures can also be used to create a guest book, which is a great way of remembering the event.


There are several companies available in the market that provide photo booth rental services, but before you hire anyone, be sure to check what kind of options they offer. If you are not getting any idea about which photo booth you should rent, then it is always a good idea to ask the company to provide you a portfolio of their recent events. Checking out a vendor’s portfolio or pictures of recent events is a great way to find out what kind of photo booth can amplify the event.


Top 3 Reasons why you should start sewing as a hobby

Sewing as a Hobby

Sewing, to some, is a tedious chore only used when something rips that needs mending.

But to a do-it-yourselfer, sewing is the anticipated highlight of every day. The possibilities are endless!


Saving Money

The money saved is probably the number one reason most people sew. Yes, materials can be expensive at times, but if you learn to look for bargains or get material when it is on sale, you can save plenty. Buying a large piece of fabric and finding many different things to create with it can be extremely satisfying. Once you learn the skills, you can create that awesome dress you couldn’t afford at the boutique. Make yourself some amazing curtains for a quarter of the price. (curtains are so expensive!) Once you get the fever, there’s no end to what you can create. Freshen up your living room with some new pillow covers. Make yourself a new skirt for spring, or a cover up for the summer. Once you have the hang of it, you will notice a lot of the things you desire at the store are so simply made by hand, for half the price! Your initial purchases of your sewing needs, such as thread, needles, fabric, or a sewing machine for beginners can seem expensive. But in the long run they will save you so much money on expensive clothing, accessories, and other items.


One-of-a-Kind Fashions

Learning all the skills of sewing can be beneficial to your closet as well as your wallet. You can learn how to make your own fashions, accessories and even household items that will save you hundreds. Your friends will envy all the personal styles you create. And you may even get some orders from some of them for their own special pieces. You can make pillows and quilts to decorate your rooms, and tote bags and scarves to decorate you! Be the talk of the party with a unique fashion you created. Use your skills to make gifts for your friends. You will have way more ideas than you do time once you get involved.


De-stress your Life

Sewing is one of the hobbies that is known to reduce stress. The act of sitting quietly with needle and thread relaxes your body and your mind to reduce any stress you may have. Using a sewing machine can also be soothing. The whirring of the motor can be very beneficial in helping you feel calm and relaxed. If you get to the point where you are feeling overwhelmed or something is not going right, take a break and think about the project from another room. Chances are you will be ready to head right back in and try it again. Never get discouraged, just take your time and await the results.


The Final Project

When you have finally finished your first creation, you will be filled with pride and happiness at what you have done. Wear it out and show off your skills. Or decorate your room and sit back and see what you have accomplished. There is no greater elation than the feeling you get when you make something yourself. Except, perhaps, the feeling you will get when you see the same exact item in the store for 3 times what it cost to make yours!

HO Scale is the most popular size for Model Railroad Collectors

HO Scale is the most widely used scale for model railways in the world. The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) states that the HO Scale ratio is 3.5 mm for every 1-foot or real dimension. HO Scale is obtained from the mathematic certainty that the 1.87 scale ratio is half of the O scale. In hobby model railway collecting, HO Scale is used for track widths, train sizes, building dimensions, scenery, and rolling stock through the majority of model train railway manufactures in the world. After World War 1 attempts were made to introduce suitable model railway accessories that would be more affordable to manufacture. By the early 1920’s tabletop railways were being introduced in HO Scale for interested collectors. Due to the Great Depression, HO Scale trains were gaining popularity because of the smaller features and affordability compared to the larger already established OO Scale. People were attracted to the accessibility to create more details and a wider mile scale with the smaller HO Scale.

Currently, HO Scale is the most popular size for model railroad enthusiasts, collectors, and hobbyists. Through a wide variety of manufactures the HO Scale buildings that are available range from gas station kits, general stores, and industrial silos to train station platforms, locomotives, and freight cars. The availability and quantity of sets, figures, and buildings is extremely extensive making this hobby enjoyable for many to acquire. Typically, HO Scale sets and trains are powered by Direct Current Voltage and even with newer sets by sending Digital Command Control to decoders to activate the features available with each particular piece. The largest supplier of HO Scale model railroad supplier is through the WM. K. Walthers catalog. The catalog has over 1000 pages of products in HO Scale that features three styles of varieties for model railroad items.

Ready-to-run models are completely functional from the box they are shipped in. Typically the manufacturer installs the key features, and from time to time specific details are included and need to be attached or installed by the purchaser. The simpler styles of HO Scale models are the Shake-the-box kits that include basic assembly for the items acquired. Interestingly, the name was derived from a long running joke that you could shake the box that the set was shipped in and it would build itself. On the other spectrum, Craftsman kits require an advanced skill of assembly and can even include over a hundred different parts to install for completion. Along with these three main styles of assembly are individual items that are made available through multiple manufacturers. Collectors will purchase individual HO Scale products to complete certain models by scratch or by combining them with other commercial sets that may already have.

Many people young and old are seeking HO Scale buildings and sets for their collection. Even automobiles, military vehicles, soldiers, and national parks are made to HO Scale. Hobbyists, collectors, and toy enthusiasts alike are making models in HO Scale to create life like vistas of popular destinations. From Union Station in Los Angeles, to old train stations from the Wild West. The interest in collecting model trains is always been popular and the niche for HO Scale will continue to be in the forefront of this steamrolling hobby.


Benefits of A Healthy Lifestyle

A good lifestyle involves healthy life choices, and there are several benefits to making them. Eating the right food and regularly exercising can help you avoid gaining excess weight and keep a healthy body weight. It also improves your mood, by stimulating the production of endorphins in your body. Besides from a healthy diet and regular exercise, building social connections can also affect your mood. Another impacting reason why you should have a healthy lifestyle is being able to fight several diseases.

Active Lifestyle is the Key to Long Life

Having an active lifestyle doesn’t just open the gates to a long life, it also allows you to enjoy it with a healthy body. An active lifestyle doesn’t just decrease the number of calories in your body, but it will also reduce stress.

It is recommended to complete a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per week. You don’t have to pump in a treadmill or go swimming, you can simply take a walk with your neighbors. But, don’t forget to do it in a place where you can sense Mother Nature.

Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle

There are five simple steps to create your ideal lifestyle. First things first, you should exactly know what you want. We know that you want a ‘better lifestyle’. However, what does a ‘better lifestyle’ mean to you as an individual? The second step, you should be willing to pay the ‘entrée fee’, in terms of blood, vision, sweat and tears. The third step is focused on your objective every day, avoid falling back and starting all over again. The fourth is to get passionate. You won’t believe how far feelings of true desire can bring you. Last but not the least step is to take action. It may be difficult at first, but once you’re on it, you’ll be able to sail smoothly.

Living the Single Life

Being single is not an abnormality. Our current society still pressures us into getting relationships. I’m not bashing about people in relationships or even the married ones. I am just saying that being single can be badass in many ways. The best reason is that you can literally do whatever the hell you want. You are not restricted to check in, both morally, or contractually. You can book an impromptu trip to Maldives, and get home whenever you want to.

Tips on How to Upgrade your Lifestyle and Live Happily

There are infinite reasons to live a healthy lifestyle— to appear better, prevent diseases, and increase longevity is only a couple. Yet, when was the last time you thought about how your healthy lifestyle choices could affect your emotions? Well, you should because there could be a connection between your lifestyle and your happiness.

Like a saying goes“, Do well. And good will come to you.” This rule applies to every aspect of your life, including your lifestyle. This is why we’re spilling you some tips on how to upgrade your lifestyle towards a happier life.

Healthy Eating

Oftentimes, people mistook good lifestyle as how one looks only. Although we do agree that being decent looking gives you an incentive over your status of living, your outer look doesn’t always lead to your lifestyle. True beauty does come from within. For that reason, healthy eating should be part of your lifestyle to maintain pure blood, healthy skin, and cells to sticking together. Never forget that food comes first before the $50 lipstick.

Drinking Lots of Water

Aside from eating healthy food, there is one more component to give you a good body and radiant skin—the water circulating in your body. It’s a known fact that 70% of our human anatomy is made up of water. Make it a habit to regularly drink 7-12 glasses of water every day.

Avoid Energy Drinks

Intake of healthy liquid is one thing, drinking energy drinks is another, and you should steer clear of them at all costs. A bottle of energy drink is already filled with too much caffeine and sugar that could harm your body. Although it provides the ‘rush’ right after drinking, you’ll end up more tired in the long run. There are also numerous side effects of regularly drinking energy drinks, including heart problems, seizures, and wooziness. Just stick to your morning cup of coffee or your favorite cup of tea.

Indulging a New Leisure Activity

Hobbies aren’t just meant to past your time, besides what most people believe. Indulging in new hobbies allow you to know yourself and discover what you can do. They define what you like and dislikes, finally giving your identity a real meaning.

Daily Exercise

Exercise keeps almost every aspect of your body healthy, blood circulation, bones, flexibility, and etc. You can take a few minutes off from your busy schedule and spend it doing some of your workout routines.

Daily Power Naps

Napping is not just for lazy people, despite what everyone says. Several studies can prove how a short 30-minute nap can make someone alert, improve psychomotor performance and even your mood. There are many ways to maximize the benefits you can get from napping. First, you can take a 10- to 15-minute nap before going back to a demanding task. Second, if you don’t want to be kept awake during the night, don’t take naps longer than 40 minutes. Lastly, plan your napping period during a suitable time in between your daily sleep-wake cycle.