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HO Scale is the most popular size for Model Railroad Collectors

HO Scale is the most widely used scale for model railways in the world. The National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) states that the HO Scale ratio is 3.5 mm for every 1-foot or real dimension. HO Scale is obtained from the mathematic certainty that the 1.87 scale ratio is half of the O scale. In hobby model railway collecting, HO Scale is used for track widths, train sizes, building dimensions, scenery, and rolling stock through the majority of model train railway manufactures in the world. After World War 1 attempts were made to introduce suitable model railway accessories that would be more affordable to manufacture. By the early 1920’s tabletop railways were being introduced in HO Scale for interested collectors. Due to the Great Depression, HO Scale trains were gaining popularity because of the smaller features and affordability compared to the larger already established OO Scale. People were attracted to the accessibility to create more details and a wider mile scale with the smaller HO Scale.

Currently, HO Scale is the most popular size for model railroad enthusiasts, collectors, and hobbyists. Through a wide variety of manufactures the HO Scale buildings that are available range from gas station kits, general stores, and industrial silos to train station platforms, locomotives, and freight cars. The availability and quantity of sets, figures, and buildings is extremely extensive making this hobby enjoyable for many to acquire. Typically, HO Scale sets and trains are powered by Direct Current Voltage and even with newer sets by sending Digital Command Control to decoders to activate the features available with each particular piece. The largest supplier of HO Scale model railroad supplier is through the WM. K. Walthers catalog. The catalog has over 1000 pages of products in HO Scale that features three styles of varieties for model railroad items.

Ready-to-run models are completely functional from the box they are shipped in. Typically the manufacturer installs the key features, and from time to time specific details are included and need to be attached or installed by the purchaser. The simpler styles of HO Scale models are the Shake-the-box kits that include basic assembly for the items acquired. Interestingly, the name was derived from a long running joke that you could shake the box that the set was shipped in and it would build itself. On the other spectrum, Craftsman kits require an advanced skill of assembly and can even include over a hundred different parts to install for completion. Along with these three main styles of assembly are individual items that are made available through multiple manufacturers. Collectors will purchase individual HO Scale products to complete certain models by scratch or by combining them with other commercial sets that may already have.

Many people young and old are seeking HO Scale buildings and sets for their collection. Even automobiles, military vehicles, soldiers, and national parks are made to HO Scale. Hobbyists, collectors, and toy enthusiasts alike are making models in HO Scale to create life like vistas of popular destinations. From Union Station in Los Angeles, to old train stations from the Wild West. The interest in collecting model trains is always been popular and the niche for HO Scale will continue to be in the forefront of this steamrolling hobby.


How to Choose a Good Car Dealership

2Nothing is more difficult than finally pinpointing the car you want, only to realize that the only dealership is not going to treat you right. Many car dealerships — and car dealers — are only in it to get the consumer’s money, and don’t legitimately wish to be of any actual help to you, the consumer. This is a tough, and frankly, depressing reality that many people have to face at least once in their life — but thankfully, there are a variety of ways to determine if a dealership you’ve found is a true “diamond in the rough” so to speak.”

Ask Around about the Dealership

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to tell if a dealership is good — or right for you — is to ask people you trust that you know have been to the dealership in the past, ideally close friends or family, if possible. If they have had a bad experience in the past, they’re likely to try to steer you away from the dealership to ensure you don’t have a similar experience — but, if they had a positive experience with the dealership, ask for the name of the salesperson they were helped by, and see if it would be possible for you to get said salesperson on your own visit. This will ensure, at the very least, you are going to a good dealership.

Does the Dealership Work for You?

One of the most obvious signs of a good dealership is that they have your best interest in mind, not their own. Many dealerships will tell you one thing about a car, only for you to find out at a later date that it was a total lie — something that, unfortunately, many people have gone through in the past. As such, when looking for the right dealership for you, try to find one that you feel really has your best interest in mind — which can be done easily by reading reviews of the dealership from other people online.

Choose a Dealership with a Reputation

In this day and age, reputation is easily the most important thing. If you have a bad reputation, it’s going to make business a lot more difficult for you—as negative opinions spread faster than positive opinions. As a result, if you specifically look for a dealership that has a positive reputation, you are a lot less likely to have a negative experience — as the dealership would likely want to upkeep their current positive reputation, and would be a lot less likely to treat you negatively or with disrespect.

Look for a Dealership that Puts Customers First

While it may be obvious, looking for a dealership that will put the consumer first is optimal. Many dealerships often push for features or luxuries that you don’t truly need, often ignoring your budget — but a good dealership will ask you about your own personal plans for the future, and walk you through the features that may potentially assist you with your plans for the future. For example, if you tell a dealer you are interested in having children, a good dealership would recommend a good family car in your budget. We can thoroughly recommend Brandon Steven as a reliable dealership.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for a dealership — and make your decision that much easier!

Benefits of A Healthy Lifestyle

A good lifestyle involves healthy life choices, and there are several benefits to making them. Eating the right food and regularly exercising can help you avoid gaining excess weight and keep a healthy body weight. It also improves your mood, by stimulating the production of endorphins in your body. Besides from a healthy diet and regular exercise, building social connections can also affect your mood. Another impacting reason why you should have a healthy lifestyle is being able to fight several diseases.

Active Lifestyle is the Key to Long Life

Having an active lifestyle doesn’t just open the gates to a long life, it also allows you to enjoy it with a healthy body. An active lifestyle doesn’t just decrease the number of calories in your body, but it will also reduce stress.

It is recommended to complete a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per week. You don’t have to pump in a treadmill or go swimming, you can simply take a walk with your neighbors. But, don’t forget to do it in a place where you can sense Mother Nature.

Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle

There are five simple steps to create your ideal lifestyle. First things first, you should exactly know what you want. We know that you want a ‘better lifestyle’. However, what does a ‘better lifestyle’ mean to you as an individual? The second step, you should be willing to pay the ‘entrée fee’, in terms of blood, vision, sweat and tears. The third step is focused on your objective every day, avoid falling back and starting all over again. The fourth is to get passionate. You won’t believe how far feelings of true desire can bring you. Last but not the least step is to take action. It may be difficult at first, but once you’re on it, you’ll be able to sail smoothly.

Living the Single Life

Being single is not an abnormality. Our current society still pressures us into getting relationships. I’m not bashing about people in relationships or even the married ones. I am just saying that being single can be badass in many ways. The best reason is that you can literally do whatever the hell you want. You are not restricted to check in, both morally, or contractually. You can book an impromptu trip to Maldives, and get home whenever you want to.

Tips on How to Upgrade your Lifestyle and Live Happily

There are infinite reasons to live a healthy lifestyle— to appear better, prevent diseases, and increase longevity is only a couple. Yet, when was the last time you thought about how your healthy lifestyle choices could affect your emotions? Well, you should because there could be a connection between your lifestyle and your happiness.

Like a saying goes“, Do well. And good will come to you.” This rule applies to every aspect of your life, including your lifestyle. This is why we’re spilling you some tips on how to upgrade your lifestyle towards a happier life.

Healthy Eating

Oftentimes, people mistook good lifestyle as how one looks only. Although we do agree that being decent looking gives you an incentive over your status of living, your outer look doesn’t always lead to your lifestyle. True beauty does come from within. For that reason, healthy eating should be part of your lifestyle to maintain pure blood, healthy skin, and cells to sticking together. Never forget that food comes first before the $50 lipstick.

Drinking Lots of Water

Aside from eating healthy food, there is one more component to give you a good body and radiant skin—the water circulating in your body. It’s a known fact that 70% of our human anatomy is made up of water. Make it a habit to regularly drink 7-12 glasses of water every day.

Avoid Energy Drinks

Intake of healthy liquid is one thing, drinking energy drinks is another, and you should steer clear of them at all costs. A bottle of energy drink is already filled with too much caffeine and sugar that could harm your body. Although it provides the ‘rush’ right after drinking, you’ll end up more tired in the long run. There are also numerous side effects of regularly drinking energy drinks, including heart problems, seizures, and wooziness. Just stick to your morning cup of coffee or your favorite cup of tea.

Indulging a New Leisure Activity

Hobbies aren’t just meant to past your time, besides what most people believe. Indulging in new hobbies allow you to know yourself and discover what you can do. They define what you like and dislikes, finally giving your identity a real meaning.

Daily Exercise

Exercise keeps almost every aspect of your body healthy, blood circulation, bones, flexibility, and etc. You can take a few minutes off from your busy schedule and spend it doing some of your workout routines.

Daily Power Naps

Napping is not just for lazy people, despite what everyone says. Several studies can prove how a short 30-minute nap can make someone alert, improve psychomotor performance and even your mood. There are many ways to maximize the benefits you can get from napping. First, you can take a 10- to 15-minute nap before going back to a demanding task. Second, if you don’t want to be kept awake during the night, don’t take naps longer than 40 minutes. Lastly, plan your napping period during a suitable time in between your daily sleep-wake cycle.